Welcome to Surepath Training Limited.  Based in the East Midlands we specialise in providing high quality civil engineering and construction sector training courses, mentoring and coaching.  Our aim is to help our customers achieve business gains and help staff achieve their aspirations.
  • Friendly and responsive
  • Passionate about helping companies and delegates alike
  • Tailored to suit you to add value
Surepath Training is a company that believes in offering a friendly, approachable service with excellent customer support.  We are passionate about helping all people, and our vision is quite simply to help you make the most of you and your staff.

We understand that staff development is much more than offering training courses - it is about delivering the right learning at the right time to suit your business needs.  We are committed to flexing our delivery method and times to meet your needs as far as possible.  For example, delivery could be at the work place or at an external venue, in normal working hours or out of hours, and could be through day events or a series of linked seminars.

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