bespoke courses and seminars
Bespoke courses can offer you greater value and provide a valuable opportunity for internal network building
  • Tailored to add value
  • Timings to suit you
All of our external courses can be tailored to specific Client needs if requested.  This can add value to the learning of your staff through making the material company specific and focussed on aspects important to you.  It may involve substantial re-write of the course, or a partial amendment, but the extent would be agreed with you based on a careful assessment of your needs and expectations.  This could include delivering the course(s) in a series of short out-of-hours sessions to reduce the cost of staff time.

The costs of our bespoke courses will vary with the number of delegates, the requirement or otherwise for Surepath Training to provide premises etc, and the course development costs.  The fees would be agreed with yourselves up-front so that there is clarity for all.

We look forward to seeing you soon!