coaching and mentoring
High quality mentoring and coaching can be provided to help you and your staff achieve the most of their capabilities and accelerate their path to professional qualification.
  • Support appropriate to your needs
  • Industry experienced mentors
  • Familiar with ICE requirements
An experienced coach and mentor such as Dr Andy Goodwin may be able to provide support to your graduates who are pursuing their professional training via the career appraisal route.  Alternatively, subject to the approval of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), we may be able to provide you with a formal Supervising Civil Engineer / Delegated Engineer to support your graduates who are on a formal ICE training scheme.

Should you pursue this external support route, graduates would benefit from the support of a highly experienced mentor who is also an ICE reviewer.  The mentor would take the time to liaise regularly with the graduates, meet them quarterly to review progress and generally make them feel valued and more content in their employment.  The mentor would also become familiar with your company, its processes and the work opportunities within it, to enable appropriate support and guidance to be provided to both you and the graduate(s).

As an employer, one of the main benefits you would gain would be the guidance of someone familiar with the ICE requirements, which would be translated into practical guidance on what you could cost-effectively provide your staff.  This mentor would also liaise closely with a nominated contact point so that together we could try to accelerate the qualification of your staff so that you can maximise the return on your investment.  You would benefit also from reduced senior input from senior staff to the mentoring of your graduates, which would free them up to win work and focus on business delivery.

If this potential service is of interest, please do contact us at to discuss your requirements in detail.