our services
We offer a full range of services, covering day and half day courses, bespoke courses and seminars,, coaching and mentoring, consultancy in staff development, design consultancy, and guest lectures and presentations
  • Much more than just training course
  • Day and out of hours delivery modes
  • Development and design consultancy
We offer ‘off the peg’ day courses covering most aspects of the civil engineering profession as can be seen from our course list

All offerings can be delivered across the UK to suit demand, in high quality venues with high quality learning materials. 

Alternatively, we can offer the same or modified training via half day or ‘out of hours’ seminars and workshops.

A better option for our customers in many cases are bespoke courses and seminars that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  These can add value to the learning through making the materials company specific and focussed on aspects important to you, and again they can be delivered in a series of short out-of-hours sessions to reduce the costs to the employer.  Just call us to see what we can do for you.

To back up the training courses and seminars, we are able to offer coaching and mentoring services that aim to help your staff to achieve professional qualification.  Our experienced mentors will work with you to identify your needs and timescales, and the needs of the staff member, in order to prepare a realistic development plan. 

We offer also consultancy services in staff development matters.  For example, do you need support in your staff appraisal process, or would an experienced external eye help you prepare a training plan targeted at delivering the business improvements you need?

We are also able to provide design services in our areas of expertise if required, particularly geotechnics.  As well as providing you with additional senior support on a short term or scheme specific basis, it helps us ensure our services remain current so all gain from it.