We are pleased to announce two new engineers are now receiving mentoring support from Dr Andy Goodwin of Surepath. Andy is a highly experienced mentor and Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE), as well as being a seasoned reviewer for the ICE. One of the new mentees has sought Andy out to provide short term mentoring support targeted just at preparing for the Spring review session. In contrast the other is setting out on a longer journey as he captures and documents many years of experience relative to the Attributes that will need to be demonstrated to be successful at an ICE professional review for chartered status. Despite their diverse requirements, both individuals will benefit from Andy’s experience and friendly guidance, which will draw on all aspects of his experience. If you are in need of mentoring, or need a mentor for your staff, then please contact Andy on 01246 807808 or email him at  He will happily talk you through what we could do for you to add value to your existing arrangements and processes, without any obligation.