Designing Out Waste, Chesterfield, 17 July 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate Reducing waste is a priority for the European Union and the UK Government, and as major waste producers the construction and demolition sectors are under increasing pressure through new regulations, measures and targets. Moreover an increasingly large number of clients are requiring contractors and designers/engineers to reduce waste and show at tender stage how they will do so as the best opportunities to reduce waste in the early stages of the construction process. Designers have a key role in this as design decisions directly influence what gets constructed and how, and empowering design teams to identify and act upon these opportunities reduces waste and usually identifies cost savings.  Designing out waste is also a key element of good practice in the preparation of a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP), which is not just a site action plan for construction contractors.   Starting a SWMP at the design stage and recording design decisions in it helps communicate them to the client and contractor and helps ensure they are implemented on site.  Taught by a Chartered Waste Manager and Waste Specialist, this course aims to develop an understanding of the options and processes for addressing waste issues in a project or design concept, and delegates will take away with them an understanding of waste issues that they can use in everyday thinking when it comes to engineering designs. The course is designed for professionals in the construction sector from all disciplines who have very little or no knowledge of waste management issues or would like to learn more.     If you require any additional information before making a booking on this course, please contact us at