As an experienced ICE reviewer and SCE, our Andy Goodwin knows that this is the time for graduates to be finalising their documentation for submission in August and to be thinking hard about how they are going to prepare for the ‘big day’. Two key elements to look at are the Written Exercise and the interview itself. We are running two courses over the next few months that are designed to help you succeed: The ICE Professional Review – Preparing for the Written Exercise, Chesterfield, 20 June 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate Starting with a review of the basis of the Written Exercise and how submissions are assessed, the course will progress to focus in particular on the subjects around which Written Exercise titles are set, how the reviewers select topics for you, and typical forms of question. Delegates will be provided with example questions based on the attributes, and guided through the process of preparing an answer. Discussion sessions will then be used to explore in more depth common subject topics, which should allow delegates to identify any areas of weakness in their knowledge and understanding. The ICE Professional Review – Preparing for the Interview, East Midlands Airport, 13 August 2014, £395 + VAT per delegate This course is strictly limited to a maximum of 4 delegates as it is an intensive session designed to give candidates individual attention and feedback. The course comprises three elements:
  • Submission one week before the course of the draft reports that will ultimately be submitted to the ICE as part of the main review, for review by the course leader
  • On the day the course delegates are taken through the review process before they undertake a mock interview with an experienced ICE Reviewer
  • Individual feedback is provided after the course, which includes comments / suggestions on the draft submission documents, comments on your presentation and interview performance, indicative questions / lines of questioning that may be asked at the real review, and an indication of the type of Written Exercise questions that may be set based on your draft reports
All delegates will course notes to support the reinforcement of their learning after the course. If you as a company have sufficient candidates in-house then a bespoke version of either course could be offered at a date to suit you. If you require any additional information before making a booking on any course, please contact us at