Mentoring for Civil Engineers on Engineering Geology, Chesterfield, 25 June 2014, £320 + VAT per delegate for a 1.5 day course (equivalent) The geological content of current civil engineering degree courses tends to be quite limited and engineers often need to further develop their geological appreciation to become fully effective. This course aims to help delegates appreciate the need to consider geology carefully in design through a study of the major hazards and risks presented to civil engineering projects by geological features. The course will provide delegates with the opportunity to develop a solid framework around which they can further develop their understanding through personal study and on the job learning. It is taught in a small group setting in a ‘long day’ format to give delegates the equivalent of 1.5 days training in a single day and hence make the course more cost effective for employers. Taught with a focus on interactive learning and discussion, the course comprises three main sessions: overview of why geology is important to engineers, based on which fundamental geological concepts will be reprised including the major rock types; geological maps and their interpretation, leading to an overview of the geology of the British Isles and the main geological units; discussion and exercises based on case studies to explore the risks presented to engineering by geology. Earthworks – Principles and Practice, Chesterfield, 21 July 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate The design and construction of successful earthworks requires a holistic understanding of how and why earthworks behave as they do. Using case studies as appropriate to emphasise key points, the course will begin with a review of the typical forms of earthworks and their contrasting performance requirements, and progress to discuss the types of specification available, identify common forms, and emphasise the need to integrate design and construction aspects if an effective specification is to be prepared. It will cover also acceptability criteria, monitoring and control of earthworks, and reporting and certification. If you require any additional information before making a booking on any course, please contact us at enquiries@surepathtraining.co.uk.