Following up on our CDM 2015 briefing sessions earlier in 2015, we recently ran a morning training session for over 40 staff for a major international consultancy in London. Delegates attended the course either in person or joined the course from regional offices via an internet delivery method. The aim of the course was to provide clear information and guidance on the changes to the Regulations and  the actions that will be required from Clients, Designers and Contractors to meet them. Due to the bespoke version of the course, specific reference was made to geotechnical and geo-environmental works to suit the needs of the Client. It was very well received and as with all our courses it was backed up by a clear set of notes for future reference. Following the success of this course and its remote delivery, we would be very pleased to work with you or your company to deliver a similar course or any other bespoke training you need to address your business needs. If interested please contact our Andy Goodwin to discuss how we may be able to bespoke a cost-effective course to meet your needs.