Courses for the remainder of 2014 are available for booking now and listed below by subject area: Safety Related Courses CDM Regulations: Leeds, 6 & 20 October – we are running two half day courses that are aimed in particular at recent graduates and those new to CDM; one course provides an overview of the Regulations whilst the second looks at the management of risk; the courses cost £125 + VAT each or £220 + VAT for both, with bespoke versions available for individual companies on request  Professional Qualification The ICE Professional Review – Overview and Preparation: Chesterfield, 29 October – this course will provide practical assistance to those preparing to sit their review in the next 12 months; taught by an experienced ICE reviewer and SCE, this full day course costs just £220 + VAT The ICE Professional Review – Preparing for the Written Exercise: Chesterfield, 8 December – this course will guide delegates through the requirements for the written exercise, and discuss / provide practical tips on how to prepare for them and how to write your submission; this course costs £220 + VAT and will be taught by an experienced ICE reviewer and SCE Courses for Managers & Designers Ground Risk Management for Managers: Chesterfield, 3 November – the course will help delegates develop an understanding of how ground risk can be managed to enhance project success, and is suitable for structural engineers, architects and non-geotechnical specialists managing projects that involve ground risk; taught from a non-technical perspective, it will focus on providing practical guidance and costs £220 + VAT Sustainable Development – Principles & Practice: Chesterfield, 24 November – the focus of this course is understanding how sustainability can be implemented effectively in projects; it will look at what is sustainable development and how it can be measured before focusing on the use of case studies to explore best practice and examine some of the practical steps that can be adopted; the course costs just £220 + VAT Geotechnical Courses Mentoring for Engineering Geologists on Geotechnical Engineering: Chesterfield, 15 October – this ever-popular course provides engineering geologists and those that do not specialise in geotechnics with an introduction to the design of foundations, retaining walls and slopes based on a core understanding of how soils behave in principle; the course delivers the equivalent of 1.5 days training in a single ‘long day’ format to make it both cost and time effective, and costs just £320 + VAT Introduction to Reinforced Earth: Chesterfield, 17 November – at a cost of £220 + VAT, this course aims to provide delegates with an introduction to the design of reinforced earth slopes and walls; the principle content comprises types of reinforced earth, fundamental mechanics of reinforcement action & analytical principles, and basic design principles for reinforced slopes and walls Geotechnical Design to EC7: Chesterfield, 3 December – this course will look at general Eurocode and EC7 principles before focusing on the requirements and practice for EC7 compliant design of foundations, walls and slopes; the course delivers the equivalent of 1.5 days training in a single ‘long day’ format to make it both cost and time effective, and costs just £320 + VATWe have a range of courses coming up in October covering ICE professional reviews, CDM, and Geotechnics: If you require any additional information before making a booking on any course, please contact us at