Z Clause Webinar & QUEST Scholarships

Please find below some snippets of training news from around the industry: – The ‘Z Clause Webinar’ that was held at the ICE on 25 September 2104 may now be viewed through YouTube if you follow this link. The sound quality is not the best but we think you may find the content useful. – Applications were invited by the ICE on 1 October for the next cycle of the QUEST Technician Scholarship programme.  It is worth £1500 over a two year course or £750 if the applicant is in the second year of their course.  Details & application forms can be obtained from ice.org.uk/questtechnician, with the application window opening on 13 October and closing on 21 November. Interviews will be held and scholarships awarded between December and January. If you have any training needs not covered by the above then please feel free to contact Andy Goodwin to see how we at Surepath could help.