The Spring 2018 sessions of the ICE Professional Reviews are well underway now, and we are very pleased to have played our part. Our inputs began in February and March, during which time we undertook numerous mock interview courses for both individuals and companies.  These were typically full day events which began with a discussion on the review process that gave the candidates a reviewers perspective of what is needed and how we use their reports.  Most of the day was spent though giving each candidate a mock interview based on their draft professional review report, in front of colleagues so they could all learn from each other and share their experiences after.  The aim of the interviews was to give the candidates a feel for what to expect on the day and help them understand better the type and style of questioning they are likely to get.  Each session was run by our Dr Andy Goodwin, who is a very experienced ICE reviewer. Though it sounds daunting, the sessions were all run in a constructive, supportive atmosphere and everyone seemed to take a lot of benefit from them.  Certainly the feedback was excellent from the 17 candidates we worked with, with 98% of a breadth of course measures being rated either excellent or very good.  We could not ask for much more, and we know our clients value our inputs as we are regularly asked back to support their next cohort of candidates. We wish all candidates all the very best with their professional reviews, and hope to hear of their success in due course.