Mentoring for Engineering Geologists on Geotechnical Engineering 26 February 2014 in Chesterfield, £320 plus VAT per delegate Could you or your staff benefit from updating your skills in geotechnical engineering in a cost-effective day course? If so our upcoming course could be just for you. Aimed at Engineering Geologists and Civil Engineers that do not specialise in geotechnical engineering, this course aims to develop a core understanding of how soils behave in principle and to apply this learning to the design of foundations, retaining walls and slopes. The indicative content for the course comprises:
  • Fundamental soil characterisation & visualisation
  • Principles of total and effective stresses
  • Conceptual models for strength, compressibility and permeability
  • Conceptual failure theories for shallow foundations
  • Conceptual failure theories for piles
  • Principles of foundation design
  • Essentials of earth pressures & movements around excavations
  • Fundamental mechanics and design of gravity walls
  • Fundamental mechanics and design of embedded walls
  • Types of failure &  effect of material type on the time to failure
  • Principles of circular slope stability analysis
This is an intensive course that provides the equivalent of 1.5 days training in a single ‘long day’ format (8.30am to 7.30pm) to make it both cost and time effective. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12, usually 6 to 9, to ensure there is interactive learning and discussion with individual guidance. Delegates receive full colour notes and worked examples to support the reinforcement of their learning after the course. If you require any additional information before making a booking, please contact us at