CDM for Designers, Chesterfield, 12 March 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate The purpose of the CDM Regulations is to help designers think about the consequences of their design decisions on future operation and maintenance.  It is estimated that 90% of the “problems” that manifest themselves during construction and future operation is as a result of design decisions. What is often overlooked is that in addition to the headline health and safety implications, a good “CDM approach” will also allow the designer or architect to demonstrate and offer significant whole life cost savings to a Client. After all, for every £1 spent in design and construction, a further £5 will be spent over the lifetime of the asset. As a designer, would you like to offer your Client a reduction in that £5? The course will be run by a chartered civil engineer and registered CDM Co-ordinator who has over 25 years’ experience gained from site contracting and senior engineering consultancy roles, and will give delegates the opportunity to not just learn about the regulations but also discuss and explore practical ways of implementing them. Slope Stability – Principles and Practice, Chesterfield, 24 March 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate Many developments will require some degree of ground profile modification. This will commonly result in the ground being cut or fill being placed, and this new condition must be stable. The appraisal of slope stability for all but the simplest cases should be undertaken by a specialist, but those commissioning and / or managing a project should have an appreciation of the design issues and what is reasonable. The aim of the course is to develop the abilities of the delegates to recognise and address slope stability issues. It will start from a review of how slopes fail and the fundamental basis of why they stand up. It will examine the contrasting analytical issues in granular and cohesive soils, and the importance of time, before progressing to design codes and practicalities, and the principles of slope remediation. Delegates to each course receive full colour notes and worked examples to support the reinforcement of their learning after the course. If you require any additional information before making a booking, please contact us at enquiries@surepathtraining.co.uk.