Are you or your staff pursuing professional qualification with the Institution of Civil Engineers? Are you a mentor needing to refresh your understanding of the process so you can guide your graduates? Details follow for four courses designed and delivered by a highly experienced Supervising Civil Engineer and ICE Professional Reviewer to help your staff prepare as effectively as possible for their review.

The ICE Professional Review – Overview and Preparation, Chesterfield, 28 April 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate

The routes to professional qualification with the ICE are well established, but effective preparation for review and ultimate success depends on the inputs of the graduate with support from their mentors. This course will help you understand the review process in detail, including the philosophy and the benchmark pass standards defined in the attributes that you must achieve. The course will cover also the requirements and part played in the review process by your submission documents, the presentation, interview and written exercise. Delivery will draw on the experience of the tutor as a mentor and ICE Reviewer to provide practical tips and tricks, with an emphasis on facilitated group discussion and exercises.

The ICE Professional Review – Preparing for the Written Exercise, Chesterfield, 20 June 2014, £220 + VAT per delegate

Building on the overview and preparation course, or taken as a stand-alone course, the emphasis of this course is on effective preparation for the Written Exercise that forms part of the review process. Starting with a review of the basis of the Written Exercise and how submissions are assessed, the course will progress to focus in particular on the subjects around which Written Exercise titles are set, how the reviewers select topics for you, and typical forms of question. Delegates will be provided with example questions based on the attributes, and guided through the process of preparing an answer. Discussion sessions will then be used to explore in more depth common subject topics, which should allow delegates to identify any areas of weakness in their knowledge and understanding.

Effective Partnering and Mentoring for SCE’s and DE’s, Half day course, Chesterfield, 23 July 2014, £125 + VAT per delegate

A practically focussed half day course aimed at those new or planning to become Supervising Civil Engineers or Delegated Engineers for mentees pursuing qualification with the ICE, this course will begin with a review of the qualification standards, routes to membership, and the process for achieving professional qualification. It will then focus on what a mentor is and the roles of mentor and mentee, before examining from a practical perspective what effective mentoring looks like. Tips and tricks from an experienced mentor will be provided, and delegates will be encouraged to discuss their views and ideas on how they personally will implement their learning.

The ICE Professional Review – Preparing for the Interview, £395 + VAT per delegate, East Midlands Airport on 13 August 2014, and Leeds on 10 September 2014

This course is strictly restricted to a maximum of four delegates per session due to the personal attention received and the intensity of the course, so early booking is advisable. The course begins with an introductory session to reprise the CPR/ IPR process and the interview itself, after which each delegate in turn undertakes a mock interview to practice their presentation and gain experience at responding to the ‘open’ style of questioning typically used at review. Delegates are required to submit to the course tutor printed copies of their Experience and Project reports 2 weeks prior to the course, and to have prepared their presentations in advance of the course, as these form the basis for the mock interview. Each interview is based on the documents submitted by that interviewee, and each mock interview is held in front of the other delegates in a supportive environment so that all can learn from each other and share learning points. After the course each delegate receives individual feedback on their submitted reports and performance at the mock review to help them finalise their preparations.

Each course will be taught by an experienced mentor / reviewer, using a combination of lecture type delivery with an emphasis on discussion sessions. More details of each course are available on request.

Discounts are available for group bookings or delegates attending more than one course.

If you require any additional information before making a booking on any course, please contact us at